Freeway lanes

i used to live in southern california. we drive a LOT. there is almost always a freeway involved in my trip. over time, ive started to notice a few things. some of this is scientific, some of it is by observation & conversation, and some of it is based on good ol fashioned stereotypical assumptions.





let’s talk about the lanes on a freeway. or if you’re from the other side of the country, you may call em highways or toll roads, or whatever. you know what i mean. the far left lane is known as the fast lane. it didnt get that nickname for nothing folks! fast lane = fast. if the speed limit is 65mph and you are content driving 65 mph, stay outta the fast lane! if you like 70 mph, stay outta the fast lane. you should only be in the fast lane if you are willing to go 15+ over the speed limit. and if you see someone approaching you going faster than you, move over. its only polite. once theyve gone by, you can get back over.


in fact, on the 5 freeway headed north towards the bay area, they have signs that say “slower traffic, keep right.” thats for all of you 65 to 70 mph drivers!


i cant tell you how many times i get stuck behind some slowpoke going 65 mph in the fast line during my morning commute. MOVE!!! if you arent trying to get somewhere efficiently, use the right hand lanes. there is absolutely no reason for you to cross 4 lanes to be slow and in the way. do that on the right side of the freeway. in fact, dont even get on the freeway. just take surface streets…

im just sayin…

questions? comments? concerns?

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