Fancy cars with ucla/usc license plate frames

i used to live in southern california. we drive a LOT. there is almost always a freeway involved in my trip. over time, ive started to notice a few things. some of this is scientific, some of it is by observation & conversation, and some of it is based on good ol fashioned stereotypical assumptions.




they went to a fancy school, bought a fancy car, but cant drive for shit. it’s perplexing. you paid all that money for school you didnt learn how to drive? you paid all that money for that fancy lil car and you cant drive it? generally, the drivers have no stinkin idea where theyre going. they use the navigation system in their car – if they can figure out how to use it. as a result, they brake for EVERY street trying to figure out where they should turn unaware of the people behind them – namely ME – itching to get around them. i absolutely despise driving behind em. ugh…

*while I mentioned California schools, this holds true for any state.

questions? comments? concerns?

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