It’s only Twitter… or is it?

People allegedly reading people. An alleged credit card fraud exposed. Cosigners from every corner chipping in their two cents. Emails and DMs galore. Links retweeted. Enough shade and dragging to last from now until forever several times over.

I don’t personally know any of the parties involved. I wasn’t present for any of the instances that took place so I used the term allegedly. What I do know is folks are something serious about this whole situation. I happen to follow both parties involved. I also follow a lot of the people who were observing and participating in the sideline festivities.  I have never seen so many people involved in the celebration/defense of the demise of someone’s Twitter celebrity status.

I mean it’s only Twitter, right? Or is it?

I am by no means a Twitter celebrity so I have no idea. I have no intention of becoming one either. Maybe for people who make a decent piece of change from their internet dealings, the Twitter celebrity shine is important. Idk. But man, the celebrations, shade, and dragging that took place – you’d think they convicted Zimmerman. Or dethroned an evil dictator.

I just… I don’t know. I’ve discovered some great people making amazing products. People expressing their opinions and ideas. Activists organizing change. I’ve come across some pretty cool people. There are also a whole lotta idiots. But that’s what makes it fun. Let’s just see how long this lasts before last night happens again.

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  1. stacyaustralia says:

    I am with you 100%. I don’t know what happened last night (I fell asleep early) but apparently I followed people who followed the people involved.( I really don’t know). Twitter is an interesting world within itself.
    It amazes me how people actually go after celebrities like they know them personally. I seen people tweet some mean harmful bs to celebrities. (None of the people I follow but you can’t control what’s retweeted into your time line). I guess people don’t realize celebrities are humans with feelings like us. Granted I lost respect for kelly price from her behavior on r&bdivasla but I know she’s a human just like I am.

    Twitter world is CRAZY!

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