About Saturday night…


So I wrote about my Saturday night… Remember? The white party that I was initially excited about and then really didn’t wanna go? Yeah about that…

First, I went in. Once I got my life together and decided to go, I went to the wrong hotel . I went to the Westin. It was at the Wyndham. *smh* Yep. I’m glad I went, but whew! It was looking pretty rough for a minute there.

Second. So I’m doing my weekly Facebook timeline scan and I stumble upon a link Adrian shared.

27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand.

Buzzfeed wrote specifically about me when they wrote number 19. Seriously, THAT IS ME! That is EXACTLY what happened to me on Saturday night.

Anywho… I just thought I’d share that.


questions? comments? concerns?

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