Football is back!

There is something euphoric about football. I can’t quite explain it. The crunching of the helmets. The speed of the wide receivers. The defensive schemes. The skill and talent of the players. The coaches. All of it!

I look forward to August every year. It marks the end of the football drought. This is real. After the Super Bowl in February there is NO football until August. That is SIX months with no football. It’s terrible. Granted, it’s manageable because the NBA is in action. Once the NBA is over in June, life gets rough. No football, no basketball. Just baseball. Don’t get me wrong, baseball is cool. Its just waaaaay better in person. At the end of June, I have to just bear down and count the days until August. Football folks know what I’m talking about. It is no fun but I am happy to say, FOOTBALL IS BACK!

I am not from a football city. I grew up in Southern California. The Raiders came and left. And honestly, who really pulls for the Raiders? Ha! There so many other choices for entertainment in LA, it would make sense that I grew up ambivalent to football. I didn’t. Ever since as long as I can remember Sundays were for church and football. In that order. Now we have Thursday games and later on in the season there are Saturday games. YESSSSS!!! My week is planned around football. My travel, as much as physically possible, is planned around football. My social calendar between August and February is heavily influenced by football.

I was lucky enough to move to football cities. I lived in Pittsburgh for a little less than a year. Let me tell you, Steeler fans are serious. I went to a preseason game and a couple of regular season games. Even after football season, people rep their Steeler gear. I usually fold up my gear and put it away until next season. Nope. Not Steeler fans! Now I live in the DMV. The Redskins fans and Ravens fans are out and about. Let’s see if they go as hard as the Steeler fans.

I digress. Now it’s time. The Hall of Fame game. Preseason. Then NFL Kickoff. September 5th. I need to find a few new fantasy football leagues. I need to see Peyton Manning play in every single game. I just need to see football.

questions? comments? concerns?

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